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1. Fillet Business
In March of 2004, Koreanseafoods has opened the processing plant in China. Individual Technicians are on board of each operations vessels to produce top quality products, such as Pollock, Cod, Flounder and other fish from the Sea of Alaska of USA, Russia and New Zealand which then will be processed through this plant to produce the best quality finished products according to the customers detail specifications to be delivered to anywhere in the international market.
2. Fish Business
Koreanseafoods will continue to brings top quality products from the fishing grounds to local domestic market in Korea and throughout the world. Such items are; USA origin Surimi, South American Mero, Alaskan Cod, Pollock, Atka Mackerel, and flat fish.
Sales in 2011 (USD108million)
POLLOCK(H/G,W/R) 57,439 68,996
SALMON 4,697 21,587
FISHMEAL 4,184 5,718
1,235 2,960
604 2,418
SOLE 434 698
COD(H/G,W/R etc) 183 265
OTHERS 1,365 5,418
TOTAL 70,141 108,060